Our Inglewood Plumbing Service Has The Latest Equipment

The assumption out there is that all our state of the art equipment saves you moneyplumbers have the same tools. This simply isn't true. Our Inglewood plumbing service has the latest state-of-the-art equipment available in the plumbing world. We have gas sniffing handheld devices to check for propane and natural gas leaks, 30 ft video snakes that allow us to diagnose pipe conditions from the inside, electronic leak detection that can penetrate walls and slabs and various other non-invasive diagnostic equipment. This allows us to quickly identify your problem areas and get to the actual job of fixing them.

Video Snake Systems Make an Immediate Impact

The speed at which we work has been our plumbers in Inglewood use video snakes effectively doubled which means you'll pay only half of the labor costs of a comparable plumbing team that isn't equipped like we are. Our team not only has this equipment, we know how to use it as well.

With a video snake system, we can immediately identify the type of clog within a pipe and determine the best course of action for clearing it. Whether that means we have to employ a power auger, a hand snake or even use an unconventional method, we'll be able to get to work on the clear quickly.

Electronic leak detection allows us to find leaks in areas that would have normally only been accessible through drilling pilot holes in the slab and doing physical inspections. This not only saves quite a bit of time, it saves a huge mess and patching costs.

The Electronic Nose Knows

Probably our favorite piece of equipment is the Our Inglewood Plumbers use the latest equipment electronic sniffer. This amazing handheld device can detect gas leaks that would normally only be able to be detected by specially trained gas sniffing dogs. The sniffer is more than 1000 times more sensitive than a human nose and even more sensitive than a highly trained dog (at a fraction of the cost). This is the single most effective tool we have in diagnosing potentially deadly gas leaks in a home.

When you call in an Inglewood plumber, you're getting the best of the best with the ultimate diagnostic tool set in the area. This makes us faster and more thorough than anyone else around while still maintaining a reasonable price. Call us today and see what a difference a 21st century plumber can make.